The Canary Island La Palma

Informations about the geographical description of La Palma

The island La Palma lies in the west of the Canarian Islands, covering a surface area of 706 km2, and with the highest peak at 2.426 m. The island has a population of 80.000 inhabitants. The geographic position of the island is responsible for a mild climate the whole year. Typical for the island are large forests, volcanoes and mountain massives, which you can find especially on the east side of the island. On La Palma is existing a great diversity of flora, a lot of it is only existing here and is having a scientific value. The island’s fauna is also very intresting, with several amazing species of birds and insects. The green lung of the Isla bonita is biospheres – reservation and exists apart from orange and banana plantages.


Points of interest from La Palma

Even though the island is small, La Palma offers a huge variety of landscapes, constantly changing if you start to come higher or if you change the direction. A visit to the San Antonio and Teneguia volcanoes in Fuencaliente provides a surprising contrast. Teneguia last erupted spectacularly in 1971, and you can still feel the beat of the crater on the soles of your feets. The National Park of “La Caldera de Taburiente”, which is truely impressive with majestic geological formations is just one of the examples. There are several roads leading to the viewpoints of the “La Caldera” and as well there is existing a great number of footpaths. EI Bosque de Los Tilos (Laurel Forest), near Los Sauces, is declared as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO…. a “must” for nature lovers. Several interesting examples of architecture, in civilian, religious and military buildings, are to find in the towns and villages on the island, besides the traditional Canary Island style of houses.


Sightseeing on La Palma


Santa Cruz de La Palma is certainly a unique historical and artistic setting. Nobody would expect to find such a wealth of art in that remote corner of the Atlantic Ocean. However, there is a collection of flemish carvings and paintings which arrived on the island during the 16th and 17th century, thanks to the lively Irade and cultural exchange with the Netherlands at that time. The different items are housed in several churches of the island. Then there are trong clusters of the legendary dragon tree, at La Tosca (Barlovento) and at Buracas (Garafia). There are also fine volcanic-sand beaches on La Palma, such as Puerto Naos and Charco Verde (Los Llanos de Aridane), Los Cancajos (Brena Baja), Playa Echentive and La Zamora (Fuencaliente) and Playa Nogales (Puntallana). The natural pools of Charco Azul (San Andres and Sauces) and of La Fajana (Barlovento) are also very popular. Among the island’s crafts, special mention should be given to silk goods, hand-made cigars, embroidery, basketry and pottery. The typical restaurants offer the culinary delights of canarian kitchen and the island’s own specialities with cheeses, confectionery and the wines of Mazo, Teneguia and Fuencaliente.


La Palma, the island in between the Atlantic

Not less interesting as at the surface La Palma is very intresting underwater too. You should not miss to visit it. If you are still not diving you can realize your dive course here on La Palma. Here on you can not expected a very colorfull and lovely looking underwaterworld like an aquarium. The Atlantic Ocean is looking more rough and it is having a lot of character. It is not the Red or the Caribean Sea. But you can be sure that you will not get disappointed.



Brena Baja – los Cancajos on the eastern side of La Palma

The distances from the small village Los Cancajos in the east of La Palma to other places are quiet short. All Apartments or hotels you can reach by feat just in a few minutes. By bus (every ½ hour) you are able to reach the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma or the airport just in 10 minutes.

Los_CancajosLos Cancajos is a small quiet village which is a part of the municipality “Breña Baja“ and is having one hotel, several apartment complexes, bars, restaurants, a supermarket, a pharmacy and a sandy lava beach which is having the “blue flag”. Los Cancajos is situated betwenn the airport and the capital of La Palma „Santa Cruz de La Palma”.

Here in Los Cancajos you can find our Dive Center.


The tourist- center Los Cancajos

Los Cancajos situated in the east, Puerto Naos or Tazacorte in west and Fuencaliente in the south of La Palma. These are the most tourist developed parts of La Palma. But non of this destinations are having mass tourism or holiday crowds. The urbanisation Los Cancajos belongs to the municipality Breña Baja. It is situated together with the municipality Breña Alta in the fruitful valley “Las Breñas” having nearly 7000 inhabitants. The valley “Las Breñas“ is a beautiful viewpoint with a great view of landscape where vegetables and fruits are growing and to the coast and the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma. All year round here is existing a mild climate.These are ideal conditions for agricultural growth, the most important basis here for the economy. Here are growing bananas, avocados and cereals such as wheat and barley.


Your accommodation on La Palma

Wheter hotel, apartment, farmhouse or finca…mass tourism and big hotels still you cannot find on La Palma. Just one hotel is located in the east, in Los Cancajos, one in the south, close to Fuencaliente and another one in the west in Puerto Naos.



The 4* star hotel and Apartment in Los Cancajos

The hotel „Taburiente Playa“, a hotel of the spanish company „H10“ is the first address for your vacations at the east coast. Next to it are located the apatments „Costa Salinas” (3 keys) Here we are, directly in the same building, next to the reception. The resorts „Taburiente Playa“ and „Costa Salinas“ are directly situated at the sea (cliff) in the center of Los Cancajos close to the beach. In addition to massage, sauna, gym, tennis court and a spacious pool area, there is also a kid´s club with child care, the best cuisine in Los Cancajos and naturally canoeing and scuba diving.


You don´t like to stay in the hotel „Taburiente Playa“ or „Costa Salinas“? No probelm, you can reach us between 2 or 3 minutes by feet if you are staying in another apartment. We are directly in the middle of Los Cancajos, next to the supermarket “Spar” What else?