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Scuba diving on La Palma

Scuba Diving on La Palma is unique

Diving during your holidays on La Palma is diving in unique underwater lava worlds.The proximity to the Canary Islands stream brings La Palma in the annual average water temperature around 1 to 2 degrees more than the rest of Canary Islands. The average is between 23 to 24 degrees (18 to 21 in the winter season, in summer season between 23 and 26 degrees).


English Version. La Palma Isla Azul from Isla Azul on Vimeo.


The best diving spots on La Palma
diver information
Diving on the Canary Islands is regulated by law. Please observe the necessary requirements and don´t forget the following papers:

* diving license
* medical certificate
* diving insurance



Diving in the best dive sites from La Palma

La Palma is a destination which practically reaches every type of diver (doesn´t matter if having lots or less experience). Enjoy your diving holiday with more than 30 dive spots on La Palma. Shallow diving 8 to 20 meters with caves, archways, over hillsides and canyons and more than 40 metres depth, visiting the rare black corals. We are having spots for absolut beginners and also for experienced divers.

Dive Spots La Palma
In the water of the canarian islands you can find both and as well several species which are endemic in the waters of the canary islands. Endemic means that they are just living in that waters, no where else. A good example for that kind of species is the “dusky grouper” which could have a length up to 1,50 metres. The typical residents of the Atlantic are barracudas, groupers, tunas, large butterfly and sting rays,also subtropical species such as trumpet fish, puffer fish and triggerfish. Nearly 700 species of fishes have been catalogued in the waters of the canary islands. Depending for example on the geographic situation, streams or curents and as well on the water temperature it is possible to find different kind of species like mediterranean or north atlantic species.

We are diving at nearly all places of the island. The most ones are at the eastcoast of La Palma. We are regulary organizing daytrips in the south or the west of the island.


Your dive times

We make 2 to 3 dives daily, more dives and night dives by appointment.

* Dive times: 10 – 2 and 3 clock
* Guided dives and independent diving
* small groups
* shore dives and boat dives
* cave diving and deep diving
* Air and Nitrox
We accept all organizations and licenses.
The medical certificate is having a validity of 2 years.
If you don´t have it, here we are having a medic center.
If you don´t have a dive insurance, than you can book it here in the divecenter.



Prices and Offers for diving

Single dive including tanks and weights 32,- Euro.

With our complete rental diving equipment 40,- Euro.

Discounts starting from the second dive
Dive day with 2 dives 60,- Euro.
Dive day with 2 dives with rental equipment 78,- Euro.



Discounts for online booking

Reserve online before your arrival and get more discounts.
(Read conditions …)



3 dives
Local price vor Ort 84,00 Euro
early bookers only 70,- €

Book now with discount 70,-€

3 dives with rental diving equipment
Local price 114,00 Euro
early bookers only 99,-€

Book now with discount 99,-€

5 dives
Local price 125,00 Euro
early bookers only 99,- €

Book now with discount 99,-€

5 dives with rental diving equipment
Local price 170,00 Euro
early bookers only 139,- €

Book now with discount 139,-€

8 dives
Local price 184,00 Euro
early bookers only 149,- €

Book now with discount 149,-€

8 dives with rental diving equipment
Local price 256,00 Euro
early bookers only 215,- €

Book now with discount 215,-€

10 dives
Local price 220,00 Euro
early bookers only 179,- €

Book now with discount 179,-€

10 dives with rental diving equipment
Local price 300,00 Euro
early bookers only 245,- €

Book now with discount 245,-€

15 dives
Local price 280,00 Euro
early bookers only 239,- €

Book now with discount 239,-€

15 dives with rental diving equipment
Local price 420,00 Euro
early bookers only 345,- €

Book now with discount 345,-€


Not sure how many dives it should be?
Simply book a smaller package.
If you’ve reserved online, and you’re going to dive more, you get also the appropriate discount.



Individual equipment parts
Mask and snorkel 2, – Euro / day
Fins and booties 2, – Euro / day
Wetsuit 3, – Euro / day
Regulator 4, – Euro / day
Jacket 4, – Euro / day
Computer 5, – Euro / day
Lamp 3, – Euro / day
Buoy 1, – euro / day
Nitrox 32 to 40% – 10 ltr. Bottle + 4.00 Euro
Nitrox 32 to 40% – 12 ltr. Bottle + 6,00 Euro
Nitrox 32 to 40% – 15 ltr. Bottle + 8,00 Euro
Night diving + 10,00 Euro
Snorkel Tour 35,00 Euro
Snorkel tour boat 56,00 Euro
Days insurance 5,00 Euro
Month Insurance Euro 18,00
Annual insurance 39,00 Euro

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