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Scuba diving on La Palma

Scuba Diving on La Palma is unique

Diving during your holidays on La Palma is diving in unique underwater lava worlds.

We invite you to Neptune’s kingdom!

The proximity to the Canary Islands stream brings La Palma in the annual average water temperature around 1 to 2 degrees more than the rest of Canary Islands. The average is between 23 to 24 degrees (18 to 21 in the winter season, in summer season between 23 and 26 degrees).



Where we dive:

We are diving around the island at the best dive sites of La Palma. La Palma is a destination which practically reaches every type of diver (doesn´t matter if having lots or less experience).

Enjoy your diving holiday with more than 30 dive spots on La Palma.  Shallow diving 8 to 20 meters with caves, archways, over hillsides and canyons and more than 40 metres depth, visiting the rare black corals.

We are having spots for absolut beginners and also for experienced divers.

* Guided dives and independent diving
* small groups
* shore dives and boat dives
* cave diving and deep diving
* Air and Nitrox

When we dive:

We dive in front of La Palma, from Monday to Saturday, twice a day. Additional night dives by arrangement. Meeting for the first dive is at 10 am in the diving center.

What you need:

Diving on the Canary Islands is regulated by law. If you want to dive on La Palma, please observe the necessary requirements and don´t forget the following papers:

* diving license: We accept all organizations and licenses.

* medical certificate: The medical certificate is having a validity of 2 years. If you don´t have it, here we are having a medic center.

* diving insurance: If you don´t have a dive insurance, than you can book it here in the Diving Center.


The best diving spots on La Palma


Prices and Offers for diving

All prices include tax.

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dive packages

Package prices glet per person.

  • Single Dive 32,00€
  • 2 Dives 62,00€ (31,-/Dive)
  • 3 Dives 84,00€ (28,- /Dive)
  • 4 Dives 112,00€ (28,- /Dive)
  • 5 Dives 125,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 6 Dives 150,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 7 Dives 175,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 8 Dives 192,00€ (24,-/Dive)
  • 9 Dives 216,00€ (24,-/Dive)
  • 10 Dives 220,00€ (22,-/Dive)
  • 11 Dives 242,00€ (22,-/Dive)
  • 12 Dives 252,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 13 Dives 273,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 14 Dives 294,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 15 and more Dives 20,- Euro per Dive

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Discounts for early bookers

Reserve your dives before arrival. That makes the organization easier. We thank you with a hefty discount.

Book now with discount online!

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Hire diving equipment

We have all sizes of well-known manufacturers in the rental.

  • Complete standard equipment 9,-€
  • Diving mask and snorkel 2,-€
  • Fins and Boots 2,-€
  • Neoprene suit 3,-€
  • Regulador 4,-€
  • Jacket 4,-€
  • Computer 5,-€
  • Light 3,-€
  • Boje 1,- € / Tg

Extras as desired.

EAN bis 40% – 10 ltr. + 4,00 Euro
EAN bis 40% – 12 ltr. + 6,00 Euro
EAN bis 40% – 15 ltr. + 8,00 Euro
Night Dive + 10,00 Euro

Diving insurance:
Day 5,00 Euro
Week 18,00 Euro
Year 39,00 Euro


Diving in the best dive sites from La Palma

The most ones are at the eastcoast of La Palma. We are regulary organizing daytrips in the south or the west of the island.

In the water of the canarian islands you can find both and as well several species which are endemic in the waters of the canary islands. Endemic means that they are just living in that waters, no where else. A good example for that kind of species is the “dusky grouper” which could have a length up to 1,50 metres. The typical residents of the Atlantic are barracudas, groupers, tunas, large butterfly and sting rays,also subtropical species such as trumpet fish, puffer fish and triggerfish. Nearly 700 species of fishes have been catalogued in the waters of the canary islands. Depending for example on the geographic situation, streams or curents and as well on the water temperature it is possible to find different kind of species like mediterranean or north atlantic species.

La Palma diving – tips for equipment

Those who come to the Canaries with their own diving equipment can safely accommodate them in the dive center. Of course in a drying room separate from our rental equipment. Here we would like to give some tips on the right equipment for the Atlantic.

Wetsuit: Although in the summer months some divers a shorty for diving on La Palma ranges, we recommend year-round 5 to 7 mm wet or semi-dry suits. Especially during longer or repetitive dives, the body cools down even at 25 degrees water temperature.

Regulator: 2 separate regulators are not required in our waters. But we have bottles with single and double valves, if you want to use two separate controllers. These are equipped with DIN and INT connectors, so no one needs an adapter.

Fins: Swimming fins are not suitable for diving off La Palma. We recommend fins with fins, as entrances are sometimes stony and one or the other sea urchins live in the Atlantic.

Information about diving on La Palma.

Who does not want to drop. Float weightlessly down to the base of our island, reveal the last secrets underwater. Unfortunately that does not work. La Palma is simply too steep for divers, we would need a submarine to penetrate into this seemingly endless depth of water. So we are content with dives within the legal limits for recreational divers. In the Canary Islands this is 55 meters for exceptional excursions. Only when we dive with mixed gas are really deep dives allowed. That’s not bad. Even with Trimix the seabed at the end of the island would not be reached. So we float weightless on steep walls, with longing look in dark blue, imagine what might be down there perhaps. For impressive diving trips it is enough, because the Canary Island La Palma is the steepest in the world. This relief can also be seen under water, which inevitably brings with it special dive sites. In order to show you as many as possible of these bizarre formations, we change daily our dive sites, so diving is guaranteed on La Palma even with a longer diving holiday variety. However, you should know that Atlantic waters are not tropical seas. There may already be a wave at the entrance or the dive boat rock a bit more when diving from land. The Atlantic Ocean around the Canary Islands does not always do what diving groups would like. As a rule, however, this fact does not present us with problems because the island is quite small. Once the Atlantic turns rough, we just change the island side. This has advantages because we see so much more of the island and have a wider choice of dive sites.

Beginners to experienced divers can dive on La Palma. Light-filled shallow water areas of 8 to 20 meters, where there are already caves or archways to admire, make it easy for the diving beginner. These spots are also particularly popular with photographers who capture clear photos in clear water with an average visibility of 40 meters. If you prefer to dive a bit deeper, we recommend a visit to our black coral. This requires diving experience because the most beautiful coral sticks hide beyond the 40 m mark. By the way, the Atlantic is still much fishier than the Mediterranean. With a little luck you can also find manta, shark and turtle mates here.

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