Scuba diving on La Palma

La Palma diving in the Canary Islands!

Scuba Diving on La Palma is unique

When the waves close above your head while diving in front of La Palma, a few air bubbles interrupt the endless silence of the Atlantic, you glide weightlessly through breathtaking landscapes and fascinating lava worlds. Diving off La Palma means letting go away from mass tourism, away from stress and hectic pace. Enjoy your time under water, it is limited and every minute counts.

Exclusive small groups

diving times

Monday to Saturday diving!
Meet for the first dive at 10 a.m.

2 to 3 dives daily

dive sites

Dive sites are changed daily depending on the weather, around the island.

Registration at least 1 day in advance.


Early bookers before arrival receive a discount in the online shop

If you want to dive onLa Palma, you need the following documents!

Certification / diving pass
We recognize all associations and organizations equally. If the diving license is forgotten, no problem, we can convince you of your performance during a check dive.

There is no obligation to keep a logbook. As proof of experience, however it is welcome in the Dive Center.

diving fitness
A medical examination for diving fitness is compulsory in Spain and (regardless of age) valid for 2 years. It can (if not available) be done by our diving doctor in Los Cancajos. This costs about 30 euros.

Diving insurance (e.g. DAN or similar) is required by law in Spain, if you don’t have one, you can take out this (also on a daily basis) on site.

We invite you to Neptune’s kingdom!

Take an imaginative journey in the deep.

Underwater you are light, weightless, free. Before diving to La Palma, with pleasant water temperatures of 19 – 25 degrees and the best visibility up to 40 meters, it is an adventure for the whole family. Azure water, schools of fish, rare fish – a dream for every diver.

You have no diving training yet?

Remember there are no paths you cannot walk. Participate in a snorkeling tour on the coast or test diving with a try dive. Learning to dive is easy. Live more intensely, start now and discover new ways in a unique underwater world.

Where we dive!

With 1,477 km of coastline, the Canary Islands invite you to water sports. You can hop almost anywhere in the Atlantic. But what makes the Atlantic so attractive? There are no colorful coral reefs with countless inhabitants, no guarantee for large fish, no 30 degrees water temperature. – Diving off La Palma is more than house reef off Los Cancajos. The advantage of a small island is obvious. In a short time there is the possibility to switch from east to west or to go diving in the south of La Palma. There are also some dive sites in the north of the island, but these are rarely visited due to the general weather conditions. Sometimes, when the weather gods and Neptune are gracious, we can go north for two boat dives. Wonderful landscapes and exciting caves await us there.

In 1971 there was a volcanic eruption in the south of La Palma, which poured its lava into the Atlantic. This event was a shock for local residents, then admiration spread because the island was reshaped and much larger. The municipality of Los Canarios with the village of Fuencaliente suddenly had more land and a new coastline. Today, around 47 years later, Malpique (bad tip), as the southern tip is called, is one of the most beautiful dive sites off La Palma. The highlights are land dives at Las Cabras or at Torre de Malpique with its memorial cemetery. The most popular spots are visited several times a week if the weather is good. Not least because this is also a wonderful place for snorkeling. We usually do two dives there. The first at the “Torre de Malpique”, the second dive leads us to the underwater cemetery “Las Cruzes“.

Our home and yard dive sites off Los Cancajos are no less exciting. Here on the east side of La Palma, divers from Puerto Espindola to La Salimera will find the most varied entrances to the Atlantic. Ideally, we can go to new spots every day. Including easy immersion from land like Los Cancajos Beach. There we find, in addition to the “cueva capilar“, several different routes with black corals and red sea fans. Dive sites like “La Bajita” or “El Fraile” can be reached by car in minutes. We also dive on La Palma by boat. We start for boat dives in the capital port of Santa Cruz. With the fast Zodiac, divers rarely have to endure more than 10 minutes of rocking because all spots are close to each other even during boat dives. We always dive from the land on the west side. We find worthwhile places in front of Puerto Noas and La Bombilla. When we change the island side, it is always a day trip with two dives.

However, you should know that Atlantic waters are not tropical seas. When diving from land there can be waves at the entrance or rock the dive boat a little more. The Atlantic around the Canaries doesn’t always do what diving groups would like. Usually this fact does not pose any problems for us because the island is quite small. If the Atlantic becomes rough, we simply change the island side. This has advantages because we can see more of the island and have a larger selection of dive sites. This allows beginners to experienced divers to dive on La Palma. Light-flooded shallow water areas from 8 to 20 meters, in which there are already caves or archways, make it easy even for beginners. These spots are particularly popular with photographers who capture great photos in the camera in clear water with an average range of sight of 40 meters. If you prefer to dive a little deeper, we recommend a visit to our black corals. This requires diving experience because the most beautiful coral sticks are hidden beyond the 40 m mark.

Prices and Offers for diving

Package prices glet per person.
  • Single Dive 32,00€
  • 2 Dives 62,00€ (31,-/Dive)
  • 3 Dives 84,00€ (28,- /Dive)
  • 4 Dives 112,00€ (28,- /Dive)
  • 5 Dives 125,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 6 Dives 150,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 7 Dives 175,00€ (25,-/Dive)
  • 8 Dives 192,00€ (24,-/Dive)
  • 9 Dives 216,00€ (24,-/Dive)
  • 10 Dives 220,00€ (22,-/Dive)
  • 11 Dives 242,00€ (22,-/Dive)
  • 12 Dives 252,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 13 Dives 273,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 14 Dives 294,00€ (21,-/Dive)
  • 15 and more Dives 20,- Euro per Dive

Night Dive + 10,00 Euro

Hire diving equipment

We have all sizes of well-known manufacturers in the rental.

  • Complete standard equipment 9,-€
  • Diving mask and snorkel 2,-€
  • Fins and Boots 2,-€
  • Neoprene suit 3,-€
  • Regulador 4,-€
  • Jacket 4,-€
  • Computer 5,-€
  • Light 3,-€

Diving insurance:
Day 5,00 Euro
Week 18,00 Euro
Year 39,00 Eur

Reserve now with an online discount

What can the diver see in the Atlantic?

Unfortunately there is no shipwreck in front of La Palma. Sometimes you can read that there is a wreck part in front of Los Cancajos. It is the aircraft wing of a sports machine, which is more reminiscent of a piece of scrap metal. Not very exciting. Our sea caves and grottos are more exciting.

If you love rugged rock formations, you will experience great dives with archways and fireplaces even without a wreck. Bream, trumpet fish, sepias or moray eels are regular companions when diving. What else leaves us amazed can never be predicted. Because the Atlantic is not an aquarium with a fixed fish population, but is still significantly fish-rich than the Mediterranean. If you are lucky, you will also find the manta, shark and turtle colleagues. There are always new surprises for this. Even whales, sunfish or a whale shark have already been spotted. With the aim of encountering big fish, you should not come to La Palma for diving, because that involves a lot of luck. But that is exactly what makes diving off the Canary Islands so exciting. Let us surprise.

The best diving spots on La Palma

Recommendation for diving equipment.
Those who come to the Canaries with their own diving equipment can safely accommodate them in the diving center. Of course in a drying room separate from our rental equipment.

Here we would like to give you some tips on the right equipment for the Atlantic.

Wetsuit: Even if a shorty is enough for some divers in the summer months to dive on La Palma, we recommend 5 to 7 mm wet or semi-dry suits all year round. Especially with longer or repetitive dives, the body cools down even at a water temperature of 25 degrees.

Regulators: 2 separate regulators are not required in our waters. We do have bottles with single and double valves if you want to use two separate regulators. These are equipped with DIN and INT connections so that nobody needs an adapter.

Fins: Swimming pool fins are not suitable for diving off La Palma. We recommend fins with feet, since entrances are sometimes stony and one or the other sea urchin lives in the Atlantic.