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Terms and Conditions online shop

Simple flow of reservation – How it works:

bookingClick “reserve” and are routed directly to the payment processing with Paypal.

2. There, they can decide whether to pay by “Paypal Expres”, or go to the checkout and want to use direct debit or credit card.

3. After your payment you will get a booking confirmation with a fixed reservation by email.
That was all. We would be delighted if they even tell us their journey time.

Terms for online booking

With your booking you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Charges and surcharges

All online prices are final. A Paypal payment is free of charge for our customers. Charges will be uneren loads. On site there are no hidden surcharges or additional costs.

Differing booking and payment options:
You also have the option to reserve via email. You send us your booking request, we will send the bank details for a bank transfer (transfer costs are at your expense). After receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation email.

Important: What you need to know

For introductory dives, Canoeing, snorkelling trips.
You must be physically and mentally healthy and can swim. Non-swimmers can not participate in these activities. Age limits upwards there is not. Appointments: To taster diving in the sea and Canoeing: after your arrival you can arrange their desired appointment with us right in the Dive Center, or by phone.

You need a valid diving license. If they possess a Padi Certification Fees, we can get this online. Maps of other organizations to bring with you. In addition, a doctor’s medical statement, not older than two years, and calls for a diving insurance. Both can also organize locally. Details for the Diver information.

diving courses
For all diving courses for beginners diving equipment is included in the treatment. Training courses contain no rental equipment. This can be borrowed if necessary on the spot.


For a fast and secure payment processing Paypal guarantees.
For the implementation of booked programs guaranteed Buceo Sub La Palma.
If booked programs due to force majeure such as bad weather conditions, can not be done, we will refund your payment. At your request you can also get a voucher for a later stay instead of refund.

cancellation liability

If you want to move a scheduled appointment, you should contact us at the latest on the eve to 17 clock to make a new appointment. After that we have to charge the full price.

If you want to cancel completely a book, this is up to 14 days before arrival for a fee of 10, – Euro possible. After that we charge a fee of 50, – Euro. Of course you also have the possibility here to credit in order to take the booked Atkivität at a later time to complete.

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