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Learn to dive on La Palma

International dive courses from beginner up to instructor

Our dive training is following international accepted guidelines of the dive associations PADI and CMAS. A relaxed atmosphere and holiday mood, without time pressure, is allowing you to learn the theory and practice easiely.


Snorkeling – tours

If you do not like heavy equipment?
Pack bathing suit, mask and fins, everything is ready for an unforgettable snorkeling trip.

snorkel tour on the coast

Info: Snorkeling in the Atlantic

Start your first experience – now!

Discover scuba diving in the sea is the best way to test diving. With a bit of theory and a dive in the sea, the experience takes half a day. DSD will be credited to 100% on a diving course.
discover scuba diving

DSD introductory dive
Price 65,00 €
Reserve DSD now now!


Learning to dive on La Palma – is fun?

Each course of La Palma can start daily. About the expiration and the timetable we can speak individual with you, so that you are able to integrate all diving activities in your personal holiday plan. Offer: Discounts for online booking. Reserve online before your arrival and get more discounts. (Read conditions …)
The diving course for PADI or CMAS diver you are entitled to dive all over the world. You can decide during the current course still, if you would like to be trained better by Padi or Cmas. Price differences are only on the contained cost of issuing certification.


C.M.A.S. 1* Star Diver
Local price 338,00 €
only 299,-€ for early bookers
Reserve now with discount 299,-€

Included in the one star cours: * Theory, practice exam. * Educational material, logbook. * Pool training * Diving in the sea * Diving Equipment * Diving insurance. * vdst-protec Brevet / diving license.

Minimum age 10 years – Course duration 4 – 5 Days



padi open water diver course
Here you have several options: Course complete with us or online learning

Register at PADI, pay the online fee and learn the theory online.
You will practice at La Palma. Thus, the diving course on vacation is shortened to 3 days. Price on location:359,00 Euro


owd course with eLearning – Touch App
With the PADI OWD Touch App option, you are now ready to begin the theory before your vacation. This way you save valuable holiday time and on La Palma you can jump directly into the water.

An online connection is not required to learn

Duration of Touch App OWD course
only 3 days for praxis
Book now online for 359, – €:
You will receive a download code by e-mail after payment receipt.


padi open water diver coruse classic
In this diving course you get everything from one source.
Learn theory and practice directly with us.

Course duration: 4 to 5 days

OWD course classic
Regular price: 389,00 Euro
Book now with discount for 369,- €



You want to learn to dive, but have little time?
No problem! With a basic Scuba Diver course, you can take a dive license in just two to three days. So you can go diving and complete the diving course later. Here are more information about the basic course.

Scuba Diver Info


More than 4.000 students have given us their confidence.
A lot of them are still visiting us. We don`t will disappoint you and we are looking forward to your visit.

* Small groups and individual
* Learn diving by shore and boat
* Individual time arrangement
* Guidlines from PADI and CMAS


So your diving course on La Palma could look like.

The first day has some paperwork to do. After only a few minutes it can actually start. Theory is on the list, because the most important basics of breathing, pressure balance, underwater communication must be clear. It will not take long and you will next get to know your diving equipment and its handling. On the same day you can make your first, exciting breath underwater. The whole of course in safe surroundings of the pool or in a shallow, closed bay. In this limited open water, you will learn how to dive, blow out a diving mask, when some water enters, how to float weightlessly, and what you need to do to safely emerge. With another, short theory unit, while we review the first underwater experiences, the first day of your dive training can end. You will be looking forward to the second day, because tomorrow is the first time in the Atlantic for diving. Also day two of your dive training starts relaxed. We discuss the diving day, procedures and exercises of the two dives and then venture into the Atlantic. Diving the first time is exciting and exciting. But after a few breaths, this excitement will quickly set, make room for enthusiasm. Peace and serenity return. The right time has come to redo the pool training exercises. Finally, at the end of the dive course, all practices should be blindly mastered. As a bonus, the second dive will run as a pure fun dive without practice. We fly in the blue water with the fish through the Atlantic. You will want to focus on weightless gliding and screaming for happiness. Do it, your babbling will not disturb the silence of the surroundings. You will not be able to wait for the third day of your dive training because you now know how great our underwater world is. Day three and four in the diving course will then go a little deeper in small steps. More exercises, theoretical lessons and increasing diving experience will make you safer with each dive. In addition to practice, your theoretical understanding will also grow. Sign language, physics, diving equipment, what you need for a successful exam at the end of the dive training, you study in a textbook and in the classroom with an experienced instructor. The fifth day is optional. Here you can, should some exercises not yet sit, repeat your dive training, just go diving again or calmly write your exam.

This course for learning to dive on La Palma was an example. We train you flexibly, speak course times, the course of the dive training with time expenditure individually with you, so that the dive training fits perfectly into your vacation planning. At the end of the dive course, you will be able to visit all the oceans of the world because your diver’s license to padi, vdst, protec, open water diver or 1-star diver is valid worldwide.


You are already a diver?

Training brings safety for all divers.

We have a large number of further diving courses and a huge variety of special courses, such as cave diving, group management, navigation or Nitrox course etc. on La Palma. These levels of training can start at any time. Again, there be requested in advance a discount. Here are information and prices. If you have questions about a diving course at La Palma, please contact us.

Diving courses for advanced divers


Special courses for individual divers on La Palma

Special courses are an offer to every sports diver, to develop their own knowledge, to deepen the knowledge and experience in the different areas of interest relevant to the sport diving. With our Divecenter, you can improve knowledge and learn new techniques in exactly your specific area of interest from Sport diving to technical diving.

Special courses for divers on La Palma



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