Buceo Sub – Diving Center Los Cancajos

Welcome to your diving center on La Palma.

Buceo Sub La Palma – Los Cancajos

The Dive Center “Buceo Sub La Palma” is a small, familiar diving school with a wide range of training, from children’s diving to instructor training. Quality, safety and friendly cooperation are our top priority. After all, it’s about having fun diving for our guests.

PADI Dive Center – PROTEC Premier Center – CMAS 5* Star Diving
Opening times in the Dive Center:

Monday to Saturday

Daily 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Dive times: Meet for the first dive at 10 a.m.
Course hours individual agreement.

Dive Center Buceo Sub La Palma

Meeting point:

Travesia de Los Cancajos
H10 Taburiente Playa (Costa Salinas)
38712 Brena Baja – Los Cancajos

Dive Center: 922 181 113


Manuela 686 756 979
Jürgen 606 202 984

We are located right next to the Spar supermarket in the middle of the small town of Los Cancajos, which belongs to the municipality of Brena Baja between the airport and the capital Santa Cruz de La Palma. If you come by bus or by rental car, then we have a parking space in front of the base, the bus stop is directly opposite our diving school. From Puerto Naos on the west side or Fuencaliente in the south, the journey time to the diving center in Los Cancajos is 35 to 40 minutes.

The Dive Center team in Los Cancajos consists of Manuela (Instructor 3 *) and Jürgen (Instructor 3 / 4*, Course Director / Examiner). They are supported by another diving instructor and one or two divemasters who train as instructors to work in the divecenter. If you want to read more about the team, you will find many details about us here.

Diving on La Palma is our passion.

Our history:
It was a long time ago that we discovered the Canary Islands as a diving area. It was like walking through volcanic landscapes in the deep blue Atlantic. There was no stress and mass tourism in the Canary archipelago. Nevertheless, it was a long way to La Palma because the passion began in the cloudy North Sea but diving in Germany was also fun at the time. However, we wanted to see more, combined vacation with diving and with growing enthusiasm, the decision was made many years ago to run the beloved hobby professionally. Thousands of diving trips into many oceans later, we thought that the Atlantic was the ideal water for us. The simple reason, there is no standard fish stock on colorful reefs, but always new surprises. And since cold water is no longer one of our preferences, the choice of diving areas was easy. We focused on the Canary Islands, where water temperatures are between 19 and 25 degrees all year round. So diving and diving training remains pleasant even in winter. What followed was diving off Tenerife, diving off Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, diving on Fuerteventura, La Gomera and El Hierro. It was only after about seven years in the Canary Islands that we dived off La Palma for the first time. We loved the island and the underwater world. We stayed on Isla bonita and founded the Diving Center in Los Cancajos in 2001 on the Hotel H10 Taburiente Playa.
In addition to great dive sites, each dive center also needed a name. We chose “Dive Center Buceo Sub La Palma”. This is composed of the Spanish word for diving “buceo” (which is pronounced like “buseo”), the Latin “sub” for underwater and the name of the beautiful island on which we are located. Translated loosely, the name of our diving school means nothing more than “diving under water before La Palma”. The matching logo was designed by a Swiss artist for our diving center on La Palma.
Many years have passed and diving on La Palma is still exciting.

Information about the Diving Center in Los Cancajos.

Because diving holidays are more than just putting your head in the Atlantic, we value service that makes you feel good. Mamma Mia is a great diving school, our guests should think when they leave. That is why our diving center was created especially for guests. Here is a short tour of the diving center.

In addition to the reception and lounge, we offer you a relax corner in front of the diving school and a well-equipped workshop for small repairs in between. Revisions for Cressi or Mares regulators are also possible on request. You can clean your personal equipment after diving in separate pools. Our boat “Laura” serves as a sink for wetsuits in front of the diving school, sensitive parts such as regulators, jackets or your photo equipment can be maintained in an extra tub with running water in our wet room, and then safely stored in our drying room.

A sound-insulated compressor room keeps the noise level in the frame and disturbs only very little. The diving school also consists of an office, a training room with a multimedia classroom for relaxed learning. For the practical part of your diving courses, we use the heated pool system of the H10 directly at the diving school. We usually dive without long walks. We go directly to the dive site with a H1 bus, a Toyota Hilux, or with boat dives with a Zodiac. For diving, we have 12 liter steel bottles (DIN / INT with single and double valves) at the diving base. In addition, 5, 7, 10 and 15 liter diving bottles are available.

Best rental equipment in the diving center.

If you are just learning to dive or come to La Palma without diving equipment, you can rely on our equipment. You always dive with new equipment and branded Cressi goods. You can also purchase these at very special conditions in the diving center.

Wetsuits (5 – 7mm) are available in all sizes. We can also find suitable diving suits for children, because our little diving beginners in particular should be warmly packaged.
Much could still be written about our diving school. However, every website is as patient as paper. Sentences like “we are the best diving center” can be read everywhere. We therefore recommend: Visit our Dive Center in Los Cancajos and convince yourself of a relaxing diving holiday. We are pleased to meet you.

Contact us if you have any questions