Canoeing on the Atlantic Ocean off La Palma

Canoing La Palma – Atlantic Ocean canoe trips

Meet the Atlantic from its best side. Get it while relaxing and canoeing, discover coves and beautiful beaches at the coast of the Canary Island La Palma. Some of them are accessible only by canoe or kayak, they have no access by shore. Canoeing is suitable for families, singles and groups.


Discover the other face of La Palma

The coast of La Palma is having 155 km with a lot of vulcanic canyons, caves and arcs, ideal for a special experience. By canoe or kayak along the coast to visit small beaches and lonesome bays. Plenty of the places you are not able to visit by shore – unreachable! Normally we are starting in the area of Brena Baja. For example in the harbour of Santa Cruz de La Palma, the salinas in Los Cancajos, or a small fishermen bay called La Bajita.