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Isn’t it super cool to be on a diving vacation?
A diving life would be pretty boring without diving. Therefore we recommend diving on the Canary Island of La Palma, quasi “diving holiday by nature”.

You don’t have to walk a thousand miles to do this. After just four to five hours of flight, you can land relaxed on our small, evergreen Canary Island. Don’t wait any longer. Only you can make your dreams come true. Live it, fly through crystal blue water, refresh your body and mind, recharge your batteries. Enter a natural paradise and visit our Dive Center in Los Cancajos. That brings salt into your life. Start an imaginative journey into the endless depths of the blue Atlantic. You will love your diving vacation!

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We look forward to your visit every day from Tuesday to Saturday. Meet us at the Diving Center in Los Cancajos on the east side of La Palma.

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Diving, snorkeling, diving courses, boat tours, we enjoy water sports. Take part, it’s fun for the whole family!

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The miracle has a name:

Isla bonita LA PALMA

Although La Palma belongs to Spain, the Canaries are actually closer to Africa than to Europe. This peripheral location has some disadvantages for residents because the mainland is far away and some things are difficult to get. An absolute plus, however, is our weather, which is determined by trade winds from the ocean. These ensure a mild climate, plenty of forested areas with lots of sun, even in winter. The Canary Islands are one of the most popular holiday destinations and are visited by tourists from all over the world. The large islands in particular are therefore often overcrowded. The hustle and bustle then determine the street scene.

The northwestern island of La Palma is an exception.
Hardly anyone is a household name. This is a good thing, because it makes a quiet, natural vacation possible. Mountain bikers and hikers love the island because of its nature and appreciate the gentle tourism of the island of La Palma. Here the clock seems to be turning a little slower, people are more relaxed about life. You have retained its originality with Canarian lifestyle.

Welcome to the diving holiday-country La Palma

La Palma vacation for divers

Embedded in the fish-rich waters of the Atlantic, the Canaries are located in one of the best diving areas in Europe. The island of La Palma is ideal for divers who do not like crowds of dive sites. Pleasant temperatures are suitable for a great diving holiday on our island all year round. The best dive sites with easy access, also easy for children to manage, complete the offer. In addition, the island has many hours of sunshine, inexpensive accommodations, great food, many sports facilities. Even as a single, it is worth visiting the Canaries. We will find a diving partner in the diving center. Azure water, schools of fish, rare fish – a dream for every diver. Where, when, how we dive on La Palma and what you need, you can find in our information for divers.

Information for divers
Do you want to learn to dive?

Diving courses in Los Cancajos

From tray diving in the sea to internationally valid diving training on La Palma, everything is possible.

Learn to dive and training for divers.
We make perfect dive training and individual diving courses for individual guests. Relaxed diving training starts daily on La Palma. Diving courses according to international guidelines make it easier to start one of the most beautiful hobbies. Eliminate your concerns and learning to dive every day can be an inspiration.

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