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Scuba Diving La Palma

La Palma diving during your vacations

Make more during your holidays on La Palma, go for diving and canoing. Here you are getting informations and news about sporty activities, sightseeing, beaches, climate or water temperatures on your volcanic canary island. Holiday on the coast of La Palma is having 155 km with a lot of vulcanic canyons, caves and arcs, ideal for a special experience, for example Diving, canoeing or hiking. Divers of all associations and organizations are welcome here.



Diving canary island

Scuba diving in the Atlantic

La Palma is a dive destination which practically reaches every type of diver, with more than 30 dive spots. We are having spots for absolut beginners and also for experienced divers.

Here you will find all the information about diving in La Palma




Dive training

Learn to dive now

Each course of La Palma can start daily. About the expiration and the timetable we can speak individual with you, so that you are able to integrate all PADI & C.M.A.S diving activities in your personal holiday plan.

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Your Dive Center in Los Cancajos

The dive center Buceo Sub La Palma in Los Cancajos is a PADI Dive Center and C.M.A.S. 5* star diving center. A guarantee for maximal standards and saftyness. Here you can find out everything about your diving center in Los Cancajos.



La Palma as a destination for divers.

Although La Palma belongs to Spain, the Canaries are actually closer to Africa than to Europe. For residents, this peripheral location has some disadvantages, because the mainland far away, some things are hard to get. An absolute plus, however, is our weather, which is determined by trade winds from the ocean. These provide for mild climate abundant wooded zones with plenty of sun even in winter. In addition, our archipelago is crisis-proof and can be reached from almost any airport in just a few hours as a short trip destination. Therefore, the Canary Islands are among the most popular holiday destinations, visited by tourists from all over the world. Especially the big islands are therefore often overcrowded, bustle and volume then determine the streetscape. The northwestern island of La Palma is an exception. Hardly anyone is a concept. That’s a good thing, because then a quiet, natural holiday possible. Mountain bikers, hikers and divers love the island for its nature and appreciate the gentle tourism of the island of La Palma. Here, the clock seems to turn a little slower, people go through life more relaxed. It has preserved its originality with Canarian lifestyle. That’s why we love our island. If the word “holiday” awakens you longing, then you should think about a break, because it is high time to replenish mental and physical reserves. With the sea, beach, sun and nature, every day of the holiday can be a game. Discover the seclusion, tranquility and serenity waiting for you on the Atlantic.


Make an imaginative journey into endless depths of the blue Atlantic.

Weather does not matter much for the active holiday. After all, there are suitable clothes for every sport. However, temperatures on our island are suitable all year round for a great diving holiday. Best dive sites with easy access, easy to handle even for children, complete the offer. In addition, the island has many hours of sunshine, inexpensive accommodation, great food, many sports. It is also worthwhile to visit the Canary Islands as a single. We will already find a diving partner in the Diving Center. Underwater you are light, weightless, free. Before La Palma diving is pleasant water temperatures averaging 19 – 25 degrees and best visibility up to 40 meters an adventure for the whole family, in which children have a lot of fun. Azure water, shoals of fish, rare fish – a dream for every diver. What you need is a diving license as well as your personal diving insurance (for example DAN, Aquamed). This is compulsory in Spain. Who comes without this insurance for diving, then this course in the dive center by the day or as a weekly insurance. Also compulsory is a diving medical certificate that explicitly authorizes participation in diving activities. If you have everything together, bring a bit of adventure and fun with water, opens an impressive world in the depths of the sea. You do not have any diving education yet? Participate in a snorkeling tour on the coast or try the diving sport with a try – diving. Then remember that there are no paths you can not go. Diving lessons at Buceo Sub La Palma make diving easy. Even on a shallow dive you can experience a world of rocks, grottos and canyons. Diving enables you, like no other water sports, to see our oceans from a different perspective with rays, seahorses and other inhabitants known only from television.

Live more intensively, start now and discover new ways in a unique underwater world.

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